Xinghua Dwin Co., Ltd

Xinghua Dwin Co., Ltd

Focus on absorbent cotton products for medical and daily use more than 15 years
About us

We are a professional supplier of absorbent cotton products for medical and daily use,such as cotton gauze pad, facial cotton pad,cotton ball,cotton roll, and so on.

We focus on absorbent cotton products for more than 15 years and have better quality and more items than most suppliers in China.

We insist using high quality natural cotton raw materials to make our customers share the cotton products with confort and confidence.

We have some factories in Jiangsu province,Hubei province and Anhui province in China,so we have greater capcity and faster delivery time than most suppliers in China.And we have two foreign trade companies in Shanghai to export the cotton pads from these factries to the world.

Our clients are all over the world, particularly in Europe,North America,South America,Asia,Oceania.